2019 Make investing great once more.

Please note all of the numbers discussed in this blog
will be gross returns.

2019, what a year! Our equity strategies returned anywhere
from a high of 63.65% to the lowest return of 29.64%.  The benchmark S&P 500 total return came
in at 29.74% in comparison. 

Crow Chaser, Our flagship strategy returned 48.23% For the
year. It spent 87% of the time in the market. The average historical time exposed
to the market is 80%. The extra time it spent exposed to the market had a nice
impact on returns. Unemotional mechanical systems can be extremely valuable in
uncertain times. A lot of that uncertainty is caused by emotion rather than
fact. A systems approach to investing can go a long way in protecting your
assets.  Many times, investors need
protection from themselves rather than the inevitable market downturn.

What was nice for our clients and us was that Crow Chaser
system reached new all-time high three days before the end of trading in
December. A great way to close out the year. The usual dips and runups occurred
in the process.   At one point during the year, Crow Chaser took
a 21% pullback.  It recovered by the end
of the year and produced a 48.23% return.  

Don’t keep what we do for you here at Scarecrow Trading a

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