Every evening after the market closes we at Scarecrow Trading sit down and update all our market data. We believe that each day the market provides hints about what it may do in the very near future. That evening we update our market intelligence programs. These programs determine where our client’s money needs to be placed by the close of the next day to be in the best position to both protect and grow our client’s assets. Then we execute that plan.

We do this, every single day.  When was the last time someone paid that much attention to your investments?

They laughed when we said we could utilize market timing to beat the S&P 500 TR, then we proceeded to beat the market 7 of the last 10 years. We not only beat it, we slay it!

Average gross annualized returns 12/31/2008 thru 12/31/2018;
S&P500 10.74% vs. Scarecrow Trading (Crow Chaser) 25.02%

What has your money been doing for 10 years?

Crow Chaser

Crow Chaser

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Theta Research

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Timer Trac

The Secret Sauce! How we do it.