Commission used for fact sheets is 2.5%, but all figures shown on our website or brochures are after commission, unless otherwise noted. 

Our partners tend to range in the area of a $50,000 account minimum. However, clients with an account size of $50,000 or greater may open an account size with a smaller balance.

IRAs, Variable Annuities, and Brokerage Accounts.

All numbers presented on our website and to clients are derived from third-party sources. They are net a 2.5% fee. The numbers are derived from dedicated tracking accounts established at Guggenheim Investments. We use Theta Research as our primary third-party tracking source.

Scarecrow Trading is a registered investment advisory firm in the state of Minnesota. The latest brochure and ADV can be found on the Resources page on the website.

Yes. Only to registered advisory firms.

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